Different Cake Topper Ideas For Wedding Receptions

wedding cake toppers

Wedding cake toppers can be the highlight of your wedding day. It will give your wedding cake that elegant, classy and grand look that makes a wedding more memorable. The wedding cake topper ideas available online provide you with different options to choose the one that best suits your wedding style and theme. From the traditional bride and groom, monogram, funny, vintage or personalised wedding cake topper ideas, you will find them all online.

A big part of your wedding budget will be the wedding cake topper that you will use on your big day. However, there are lots of things that you should consider in choosing the one that is perfect for you. Here are some of the tips that you can consider:


If you have a themed wedding, you may want to consider some of the wedding cake toppers that have bride and groom on them. You will find many couples who choose traditional toppers. Others however choose unique cake toppers like bride and groom on top of a mountain of wedding confection.

If you want a unique wedding cake topper but are not into the traditional one, then you may want to try the “Glow” wedding cake toppers. The “Glow” cake toppers feature a fairy, a frog, and a parakeet all glittering in the light of the candle. Aside from being unique, some people also find this to be cute and very funny. One thing is for sure though: this is a very unique wedding cake topper because of the different colour combination that they come in: the cake is made with white frosting, while the parakeet is holding a feather and a piece of a coloured gemstone; and the fairy is holding a piece of pearl.

More Classic Toppers

Another option that you can consider for your wedding cake toppers is something that represents the members of your family. For instance, some couples choose wedding cake toppers that are reminiscent of their family heirloom, like the one which depicts a three-legged stool with the leg reaching up to a palm tree. Other couples who may have something symbolic in their families to represent them may choose wedding cake toppers that feature the symbol of one of their most loved ones. One popular choice of symbol here is the star family topper. Some couples even use tribal symbols or family crests as wedding cake toppers.

wedding cake toppers

On the other hand, other couples may opt to use more contemporary wedding cake toppers. Some couples like to use these toppers because they can look very beautiful in a traditional wedding setting. If you want to add a little something extra to your reception, then you can even think of adding a wedding cake topper that resembles a bird in flight. Many different types of birds can be used as cake toppers such as hummingbirds, butterflies, birds, and even a real bird which are cut in a certain shape and carved to look like a wedding cake topper.

There are also wedding cake toppers that have a message on them, usually something that goes. This type of cake topper is perfect for couples who want to let their love story show. They can use a wedding cake topper that represents their love story and the couple’s relationship. You can choose a wedding cake topper that has the couple as children or in their youth. It could also be a topper that shows their love as a newlywed couple.

All these wedding cake toppers can be found online. You can easily find cake toppers that are made of several different materials and depicting a variety of different types of animals. With so many wedding cake toppers available in the market today, you can be sure to find one that will go with your wedding theme. Your wedding cake topper (image source) will certainly make your wedding reception memorable and unique.

How to Achieve the Elegance of Wedding Makeup

wedding makeup

When it comes to wedding makeup, green eyes can make a bold statement. They can complement any look, from the classic beautiful bride to the simple business girl at your wedding. Whatever eye colour you choose, your wedding makeup will be stunning. From subtle smoky eyes to dramatic highlighted skin and even a little red lipstick, here’s all the wedding makeup ideas you’ll want to take you through your wedding day, and some useful tips for how to get the perfect wedding makeup appearance on your green-eyed special someone. Here, find out more!

Eye Colours

Green eyes can accentuate your face when you wear an eye lining pencil that sets off your green eyes. To do this, simply draw a line down the centre of your eye, following the natural curve of your eye. Next, use a thin eyeliner brush to apply this line along your eyelid, from the corner to your eyelash. Finish this off with a streak of brown mascara to bring out your natural eye colour. This wedding makeup for green eyes also allows you to dress up your eyebrows – use a small curling iron to give your upper and lower brows a bit of a lift, and finish off with black mascara to create a sexy smoky look.

Hazel eyes tend to look particularly stunning with mascara. For this look, you should start by applying a very thin line of mascara on your upper lashes, to define your eyelid. Next, add in a bit of smokey eye mascara to the bottom and outwards strokes of your eyelash line. Finish off with a black eyeliner pencil to bring out the smoky effect of your eye makeup. For a really dramatic look, you could also add in some fake white eyeliner to draw attention to your hazel eyes.

Makeup Options

If you choose to wear your wedding makeup for green eyes, then you will want to tone your cheeks down for this wedding makeup for a green eyes appearance. One great option for this is to wear a nude lip gloss with a hint of gold or silver sparkle. The key to this look is to apply the gloss to the entire lip and not just on the outside corner of your mouth. This way, you will add more definition to your lips and will make your cheeks look together perfectly.

If you decide to go with this wedding makeup for green eyes, you should know that there are many different ways to apply this makeup correctly. The first thing to do is to get a soft bristle makeup brush and tap it lightly on the inside corner of each eye as you normally would. Then, use your ring finger to tap the inside corners of your eye to bring out the colour in your eye. Finish this process off with another feather duster across the bottom half of your eye and down toward the tear ducts.

wedding makeup

Final Tips

One thing you want to be careful about when it comes to applying your eyes is to not completely smudge your lines. When you are trying to draw attention to your eyes, smudging your lines is almost impossible. If you have naturally dark eyes, then you may need to use black mascara along the lash line to create some depth. If your eyes are naturally light, then you can use either a sheer or semi-sheer concealer along the lash line. From there, you will need to pick a medium shade of mascara that will blend well with your dark shade of eyes. You may also want to use a cream shade of shadow along the lash line to soften up the appearance of your eyes.

For brown tones, you will want to keep your eye shadow on the bottom lashes and only apply it to the upper lash line. Apply the shadow in soft sweeping motions from the crease of your eyes to the lash line and blend well. When you are applying your eyeliner, use a small brush to add some drama as well.

For blue eyes, avoid the heavy black liner that looks so stiff and heavy. Instead opt for a more feminine shimmery colour such as mocha, mauve, or peach shimmer shadow. If you have brown eyes, then a beautiful shimmery golden brown eyeliner will help you bring out the beauty of your eyes. To complete the look, you will want to highlight your cheekbones and then apply a nice highlight shade on your temple.

Enjoy the Best Wedding Jewellery Sets With Our Bridal Jewellery

wedding jewellery

If you are planning a wedding and have decided to hire a wedding jewellery designer, one of your major concerns will probably be how much it will cost you. Of course, most brides prefer to save money for their wedding, although wedding jewellery is important and often remembered part of the wedding. So, what’s more affordable – buy or rent?

Budget Concerns

Wedding jewellery is usually a large investment. Rent or purchase-whatever the case may be, the question remains what’s more affordable? Bridal semi-precious jewellery is rarely worn on other occasions-you may only wear it once to your baby shower or perhaps when attending your close friends or siblings wedding.

For those on a tight budget, wedding jewellery designs can also be rented. The good thing about renting jewellery these days is that most jewellers have an online catalogue that can give you a clear idea of the prices and styles available. Most reputable wedding jewellery designers have their websites now so that the whole process can be done from the comfort of your home. Just visit the website of the jeweller and fill in a quick and easy form.

It’s very easy to rent wedding jewellery these days. Almost every jeweller has their website and even have their stores in many jewellers’ localities. All you need to do is just fill in the form. Some may require you to fax some documents while others will call you to inquire about your requirements. They may even suggest you go visit their store in person before you rent or buy wedding jewellery there.

Jewellery Design

In case you have your wedding jewellery designed personally, you can send them your designs and they will take care of the rest. But for some custom-designed jewellery, you’ll need to provide the stones, metalwork and design of your choice. So, while sending in your designs, make sure you are clear about the kind of wedding jewellery design you want.

Now, if you’re looking for cheap wedding jewellery that can be rented, check out our online stores. You’ll find all kinds of items here such as wedding necklaces, pendants, earrings, wedding rings, wedding bands, wedding beads, wedding pins and many more. You’ll find a special collection of branded and authentic wholesale wedding jewellery that are available at really affordable prices. These wedding jewellery items are available for both men and women from a variety of brand names at really competitive prices.

wedding jewellery

You can get your wedding jewellery designed by one of our experienced jewellers who also offer customisation and wedding consultation services. You can even have it made to your exact requirements by our well-experienced craftsmen. Most of wedding jewellery products are made in India and are manufactured using high quality and durable materials. We also have a variety of wedding jewellery collections for both men and women.

Other Accessories

Bridesmaids can accessorize their ensembles with uniquely designed necklaces. These include chic chokers, choker necklaces, charm bracelets, dangling earrings and various other styles of charms. Bridesmaids can find several different styles and designs of these kinds of necklaces online at very reasonable rates. The best part about all this is that you do not have to be an expert designer to design your ensemble. Simply sit down and relax with us as we create a fabulous jewellery collection just for you.

Another popular type of traditional bridal jewellery includes the lehenga. The lehenga is a wonderful embellishment for any type of wedding. It is extremely elegant and adds a touch of finesse and class to the bride’s look. If you are planning a wedding on a budget, then you should seriously consider renting a lehenga.

Other Occasions

For special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and engagement parties, it would be ideal to select a necklace or a pair of bangles. If you are searching for the best bridal jewellery sets for your wedding, you should carefully consider the kind of necklace or bangles you would like to wear on such special occasions. Jewellers manufacture a wide range of necklaces and bangles, and if you browse through the collection, you will be able to find one that will match your dress perfectly.

Wedding Gifts For The Groom And Bride

wedding gifts

How many of you have been engaged in an act of wedding shopping before? For many engaged couples, shopping for wedding gifts is like taking care of business before the wedding. It is something that has to be done ahead of time so that the wedding gifts for the bride and groom can be purchased according to budget and taste. Many things need to be taken into consideration while shopping for wedding gifts for the bride and groom.

Some people have absolutely no concept of the tradition of where the bride and groom exchange wedding gifts. For those of you who are not acquainted with this tradition, consider this a politely friendly reminder. Traditions surrounding wedding gifts vary greatly over the centuries, but the origins of the wedding gift exchange are not entirely clear. What we do know is that as a wedding gift to the happy couple, the gift has to be something that the couple needs in their everyday lives and is therefore useful. There are several different types of wedding gifts for the happy couple, but there are also some dos and don’ts when it comes to purchasing wedding gifts for the couple.

Gift Ideas

The number one wedding gifts for the groom are things that he can use. While this doesn’t always have to be monetary, it is always useful to the groom in his everyday life. Personalized wedding gifts are a very popular choice because they give the groom something that he can use in his daily life. There are a wide variety of personalized wedding gifts for the groom, but the most popular personalized wedding gifts are personalized cufflinks, jewellery, money clips, photo frames, and Manila folders. Any item that can be engraved, embossed, or personalized is fair game for this type of gift.

While personalized wedding gifts for the groom may be popular because they are so useful, personalized wedding gifts for the bride should also be a part of that package. While it’s usually more difficult to buy a gift for a bride because she’ll already have so many useful items, it’s still a good idea to give something nice to her on her wedding day. Typical wedding gifts for the bride include picture frames, money clips, hair accessories, and hair accessories. As with the wedding gifts for the groom, anything that can be engraved, embossed, or personalized is fair game for this type of gift.

Personalization allows couples to give something that goes beyond the generic “groom” or “bride” names that go on most gifts for wedding guests. Engraving a couple’s last name into a piece of crystal, for example, is a more personal touch than simply reading the names of the couple and their wedding date. Personalized gifts for wedding guests provide the happy couple and their close friends and family members with an opportunity to express their love for the person being gifted and to let others know that they are thinking of them.

wedding gifts

More Options

Another popular option for wedding gifts for the groom and attendants is to make registry cards. Registry cards can be designed to match a variety of interests, from sports to wine tasting so that the wedding gifts for the bridal party can match the interests of the women who will be attending the wedding. This is also a great option for wedding gifts for the groom, because if his hobbies or passions are in common with the bride, such as golf or sailing, he may register for both of them so that they can receive the same gift. Because it’s such a popular option these days, you can find wedding gifts for the groom and bridal party that incorporate the use of a registry card as well. Whether the registry gift is simply a pre-printed gift card or whether the company offers custom design and printing, you can usually find great quality wedding gifts for the men in your life through a reliable registry gift company.

The third option for wedding gifts for the groom and members of his wedding party are those that are meant to be a long-lasting keepsake. Because families tend to expand their spending habits over time, couples often find that their family members spend more money than they did when they were first married. To save money, many couples set up a special savings account for their families to put money into so that the children of the household don’t get added costs as their parents shift money out of the bank. These types of wedding gifts for the groom and members of his wedding circle can be items like watches or pocketbooks, or they can be unique, engraved jewellery pieces that can be used by men in the future.

When shopping for wedding gifts for the groom and bridesmaids, be sure to consider personalized options. They will be remembered for a long time and will make great engagement and wedding gifts for years to come. For the couples who aren’t interested in having a wedding shower, but want to show their guests that they do care, a personalized gift makes a perfect choice.

The Best Wedding Hair Styles For Women

wedding hair styles

When deciding what wedding hairstyles for short hair best suit you, there are several factors to consider. These include: the season the wedding will be held in; how formal or informal the wedding is; how many bridesmaids and men are expected at the wedding; and whether the bride or groom is having a big or small wedding. All of these things will play a role in selecting the right wedding hairstyle for you. You may want to choose wedding hairstyles for short hair that complements the gown. Or maybe you have decided on a different style than everyone else on your list.

Popular Styles

There are several different wedding hairstyles for short hair that are very elegant. The Anu Hair Up sign is one such style that is perfect for any wedding day. Upstyle for Brides is an elegant style or do can help maintain your hair in place and away from your face for a long day and night of fun, wedding proceedings, and post-wedding day activities.

As mentioned above, there are several different wedding hairstyles for short hair that are very elegant and romantic. One of the most popular for brides with short hair is the up-swept or tea bun. This is a top that is swept up and back. If you would like to add some texture to the top, you could use some gel or mousse. This will make the top feel more like an actual bun. You can also layer a few sections of this top with gel or mousse and then have a more relaxed style.

If you’re going for the classic and elegant look on your wedding day, one of the best wedding hairstyles for long hair is a low bun. A low bun is perfect for any wedding, from the beach to cathedral weddings. Another option you may want to consider is a three-tiered style. This particular wedding hairstyle for long hair is best worn during the day and then tamed by a flat top haircut.

wedding hair styles

If you have naturally curly hair, you may want to consider some unique wedding hairstyles for curly hair. These hairstyles are ideal for a large wedding with lots of ceremonies. Some of the most popular curly hair wedding hairstyles for curly hair include the French Twist, Mohawk, and Twirl. These are great for ceremonies and photos as they have a casual elegance to them that still looks sophisticated and classy. Some other great tips for curly hair that you will want to consider for your big day include choosing a shampoo and conditioner that will not cause dryness and style the ends of the curls in a unique fashion.

Other Great Options

For brides with straight hair, one of the most elegant wedding hairstyles for straight hair involves the French twist. This is a sleek and sexy style that consists of a few strategically slicked back short layers. To create the look, you should take about a quarter-inch of hair from the back of the head and tie it in a series of small curls. You then take the same amount of hair and slowly twist it into the tightest curls possible. The resulting look is a sexy and romantic look that you will love on your big day. If you do not have long hair, you can still try this hairstyle, but you will want to use gel or mousse to hold the curls in place.

One of the most famous wedding hairstyles for women is the classic wedding hairstyles for women style known as the bun. Many years ago, this hairstyle was only worn by professional hairstylists and celebrities. However, with the rise of more youthful, fashion-forward brides, the bun has made its way into every wedding dress. If you would like to create this hairstyle, you should start by gathering up all of the needed supplies. First, you will need a wide-toothed comb. Then, you will need an iron that can be set on medium heat.

Finally, you will want to carefully pin the layers so that they are not all pulled at once. You will then take the front portion of the dress and lightly comb the layers until the entire bun is covered. These are some of the easiest short hairstyles for women that you can try on your wedding day.

Wedding Venues

wedding venue

A venue is the most important wedding element. It’s the first thing your guests see when they arrive at your wedding, and it’s an opportunity for you to express your style and wedding theme. It’s also where the wedding party gets together after the ceremony. While all wedding venues are different, there are some basic elements that all of them should have to ensure that your wedding day goes off smoothly and that your wedding venue decor and flowers are beautiful.


A good rule of thumb when it comes to a wedding venue, in high demand during wedding season (usually late spring to mid-fall), and in an area with a heavy population, is that it usually will book out around nine months in advance. This is because the majority of venues have a lot of work to do before the wedding, including wedding decor, wedding officiant(s) selection, venue design, and wedding cake decor. Because of this, it can be difficult to get your place reserved at the last minute.

Once you have decided on your wedding venue and you’ve reserved date, it’s time to make some decisions about wedding venue decor and flowers. If your venue is at a location that is far from where your guests are living, you’ll need to take into account the cost of airfare and accommodations for your guests. Make sure your guest list includes the people who live near or within driving distance of your wedding venue.

Many couples choose to book wedding venues off-site. While this can be cheaper, many couples report having problems making it work. Some of the reasons why wedding planners think off-site venues are less popular include: the wedding planner doesn’t know the wedding venue; the venue may have a reputation for being difficult to use; venues in out of the wedding party’s local area tend to be overbooked; venues that aren’t as close to the bride and groom’s homes tend to offer less wedding venue options, and venues that are located outside the wedding party’s circle of friends will generally charge more. Most couples say that the wedding venue located in the heart of the wedding party’s community is the most popular and available.

wedding venue

You’ve picked your wedding venue, ordered your wedding cake, choose your wedding date, and registered your guest list. Now you need to start thinking about how you’re going to capture photos and videos of this magical day. One of the easiest ways to share photos and videos of your wedding is to post them on Instagram. Instagram is an easy way to share the photos and videos of your wedding with your friends, family members, co-workers, and anyone else who have a significant amount of access to the internet. All you do is upload the Instagram photo or video to your account and any of your followers can instantly share the post with their friends.

Important Considerations

A wedding venue checklist is a good idea to keep in the back of your mind when choosing your venue. As you plan your wedding, make sure that you’ve planned for everything that might need to happen before you make your final booking. There are plenty of wedding venues that are perfect for large group events, so take a look at all the places that you’re interested in staying. Once you’ve narrowed down the venues that seem best suited for your group’s needs, review the checklist that has been. You may find that there’s a venue on the checklist that’s perfect for your wedding, but you may be missing one critical aspect of the event that could turn out to be a major sticking point.

If you’re trying to arrange a backyard wedding in a small city, you’ll likely have a lot more leeway with the size of your guest list. But if you’re planning a wedding in a town of thousands, you should expect that there will be a long waiting list for a rental venue. Backyard wedding venues can be a hassle to book but using the services of an event planning company can make the process of booking one less stressful. An experienced professional will be able to make sure that you don’t run into any snags when it comes to your wedding venue choice.