How to Achieve the Elegance of Wedding Makeup

When it comes to wedding makeup, green eyes can make a bold statement. They can complement any look, from the classic beautiful bride to the simple business girl at your wedding. Whatever eye colour you choose, your wedding makeup will be stunning. From subtle smoky eyes to dramatic highlighted skin and even a little red lipstick, here’s all the wedding makeup ideas you’ll want to take you through your wedding day, and some useful tips for how to get the perfect wedding makeup appearance on your green-eyed special someone. Here, find out more!

Eye Colours

Green eyes can accentuate your face when you wear an eye lining pencil that sets off your green eyes. To do this, simply draw a line down the centre of your eye, following the natural curve of your eye. Next, use a thin eyeliner brush to apply this line along your eyelid, from the corner to your eyelash. Finish this off with a streak of brown mascara to bring out your natural eye colour. This wedding makeup for green eyes also allows you to dress up your eyebrows – use a small curling iron to give your upper and lower brows a bit of a lift, and finish off with black mascara to create a sexy smoky look.

Hazel eyes tend to look particularly stunning with mascara. For this look, you should start by applying a very thin line of mascara on your upper lashes, to define your eyelid. Next, add in a bit of smokey eye mascara to the bottom and outwards strokes of your eyelash line. Finish off with a black eyeliner pencil to bring out the smoky effect of your eye makeup. For a really dramatic look, you could also add in some fake white eyeliner to draw attention to your hazel eyes.

Makeup Options

If you choose to wear your wedding makeup for green eyes, then you will want to tone your cheeks down for this wedding makeup for a green eyes appearance. One great option for this is to wear a nude lip gloss with a hint of gold or silver sparkle. The key to this look is to apply the gloss to the entire lip and not just on the outside corner of your mouth. This way, you will add more definition to your lips and will make your cheeks look together perfectly.

If you decide to go with this wedding makeup for green eyes, you should know that there are many different ways to apply this makeup correctly. The first thing to do is to get a soft bristle makeup brush and tap it lightly on the inside corner of each eye as you normally would. Then, use your ring finger to tap the inside corners of your eye to bring out the colour in your eye. Finish this process off with another feather duster across the bottom half of your eye and down toward the tear ducts.

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Final Tips

One thing you want to be careful about when it comes to applying your eyes is to not completely smudge your lines. When you are trying to draw attention to your eyes, smudging your lines is almost impossible. If you have naturally dark eyes, then you may need to use black mascara along the lash line to create some depth. If your eyes are naturally light, then you can use either a sheer or semi-sheer concealer along the lash line. From there, you will need to pick a medium shade of mascara that will blend well with your dark shade of eyes. You may also want to use a cream shade of shadow along the lash line to soften up the appearance of your eyes.

For brown tones, you will want to keep your eye shadow on the bottom lashes and only apply it to the upper lash line. Apply the shadow in soft sweeping motions from the crease of your eyes to the lash line and blend well. When you are applying your eyeliner, use a small brush to add some drama as well.

For blue eyes, avoid the heavy black liner that looks so stiff and heavy. Instead opt for a more feminine shimmery colour such as mocha, mauve, or peach shimmer shadow. If you have brown eyes, then a beautiful shimmery golden brown eyeliner will help you bring out the beauty of your eyes. To complete the look, you will want to highlight your cheekbones and then apply a nice highlight shade on your temple.

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