Wedding Venues

A venue is the most important wedding element. It’s the first thing your guests see when they arrive at your wedding, and it’s an opportunity for you to express your style and wedding theme. It’s also where the wedding party gets together after the ceremony. While all wedding venues are different, there are some basic elements that all of them should have to ensure that your wedding day goes off smoothly and that your wedding venue decor and flowers are beautiful.


A good rule of thumb when it comes to a wedding venue, in high demand during wedding season (usually late spring to mid-fall), and in an area with a heavy population, is that it usually will book out around nine months in advance. This is because the majority of venues have a lot of work to do before the wedding, including wedding decor, wedding officiant(s) selection, venue design, and wedding cake decor. Because of this, it can be difficult to get your place reserved at the last minute.

Once you have decided on your wedding venue and you’ve reserved date, it’s time to make some decisions about wedding venue decor and flowers. If your venue is at a location that is far from where your guests are living, you’ll need to take into account the cost of airfare and accommodations for your guests. Make sure your guest list includes the people who live near or within driving distance of your wedding venue.

Many couples choose to book wedding venues off-site. While this can be cheaper, many couples report having problems making it work. Some of the reasons why wedding planners think off-site venues are less popular include: the wedding planner doesn’t know the wedding venue; the venue may have a reputation for being difficult to use; venues in out of the wedding party’s local area tend to be overbooked; venues that aren’t as close to the bride and groom’s homes tend to offer less wedding venue options, and venues that are located outside the wedding party’s circle of friends will generally charge more. Most couples say that the wedding venue located in the heart of the wedding party’s community is the most popular and available.

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You’ve picked your wedding venue, ordered your wedding cake, choose your wedding date, and registered your guest list. Now you need to start thinking about how you’re going to capture photos and videos of this magical day. One of the easiest ways to share photos and videos of your wedding is to post them on Instagram. Instagram is an easy way to share the photos and videos of your wedding with your friends, family members, co-workers, and anyone else who have a significant amount of access to the internet. All you do is upload the Instagram photo or video to your account and any of your followers can instantly share the post with their friends.

Important Considerations

A wedding venue checklist is a good idea to keep in the back of your mind when choosing your venue. As you plan your wedding, make sure that you’ve planned for everything that might need to happen before you make your final booking. There are plenty of wedding venues that are perfect for large group events, so take a look at all the places that you’re interested in staying. Once you’ve narrowed down the venues that seem best suited for your group’s needs, review the checklist that has been. You may find that there’s a venue on the checklist that’s perfect for your wedding, but you may be missing one critical aspect of the event that could turn out to be a major sticking point.

If you’re trying to arrange a backyard wedding in a small city, you’ll likely have a lot more leeway with the size of your guest list. But if you’re planning a wedding in a town of thousands, you should expect that there will be a long waiting list for a rental venue. Backyard wedding venues can be a hassle to book but using the services of an event planning company can make the process of booking one less stressful. An experienced professional will be able to make sure that you don’t run into any snags when it comes to your wedding venue choice.

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